I need your help

Hi guys, 

I’m so so sorry for having not posted for weeks in this blog but I had a lot of things to do and didn’t have the time. But now I’m in holidays, so I have plenty of time ! =D

So I want to change a lot of thing about this blog, for exemple I will now post facts of course, but also news, pictures and different stuff, all about Joseph Gordon-Levitt ^^

And this is where I need your help, can someone, please please please, explains to me how can I put a direct link on my tumblr to all the same tag ? I don’t know if I’m understandable, but in fact I want to create a part in my tumblr where you will be able to find all the facts for exemple. Can someone help me, please ?

As soon as I would have managed to make it, I would begin to post regularly again, I promise you ! ^^

Thank you !