Anonyme asked:
favorite french film?

Joe’s favorite frech film ? I’m sorry love but I have lost all my notes on Joe and I never tried to look for everything again so I can’t remember :(

"There’s Something Really Appealing About The Simplicity Of Black And White Images."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does Accents with 'Heads Up!'


Oh my god

Here’s the YouTube link if that one doesn’t work for you

Hit record on TV: episode 1

For more informations : here

meandtompetty asked:
is it just me, or does joe look extra buff in that blue shirt? o.O

I don’t know what exactly means buff, but if it’s something about having a lot of muscles, no you aren’t the only one to see that. I guess it was necessary for his role =)


Anatomy of a hug.





Higher quality shots of Joe on set.

You can’t tell me he didn’t go the distance with that hair.

I’m not even a little bit kidding when I’m saying my jaw just hit the floor.



New movie ‘Don John’s Addiction’ in Hollywood

Our first set pic and look at Joe’s character from Don John’s Addiction